Heather Oakley began dreaming, writing, researching ideas that would form the basis of Global Gardens.

November 2006

Heather began meeting with 8 interested teachers at Eugene Field.

January 2007

Global Gardens started with Heather teaching after school program as a volunteer and raising money by writing letters and visiting with Tulsa Community Foundation and the Hille Foundation.

April 2007

Heather started teaching during the school day in 8 classrooms at Eugene Field.

June 2007

Daily summer program started, funding provided salary for Heather and two part time teachers for summer program.

Fall 2007

First major grant was awarded.

February 2008

Rosa Parks program started.

September 2010

Global Gardens Middle School Program begins for Rosa Parks students at Rosa Parks.

September 2011

Global Gardens Middle School Program starts at Asbury Corner for students at Union Middle School.

March 2012

Community garden at Asbury Corner begins!

Fall 2012

Family Food Farm at Rosa Parks is created.

January 2015

Global Gardens started programming at McAuliffe Elementary.

September 2018

Global Gardens expands programming to Unity Learning Academy.