“We have Global Gardens to help unite people, give the word community more meaning and create a better life for the next generation,” Nate, 6th grade

Global Gardens Training

Interested in forming a group for a Global Gardens training? Contact us to learn more about hosting a Global Gardens training at your school or community group. Price and content varies depending on your needs. To start the conversation, contact Faith Hailey,


Global Gardens Journal

At Global Gardens we get asked all the time how families and students out side of the schools we serve can participate in Global Gardens. We are so excited to now offer our annual Global Gardens journal – designed specifically for families!


The journal will take you and your family through a year of activities and reflection including gardening, art, cooking, conversation starters, goal-setting, experiments and more!

For more information or questions contact us today!


Who would benefit from the journal?

While we think everyone can benefit from the activities in the journal it is best for families with children Pre-K through 6th grade.

We don't have a garden, can we still use the journal?

Yes! The journal can help you start a garden if you choose, keeping in mind that a garden can be as small as few pots in a window sill or balcony, or as large as you like. Even if you have no intentions of building a garden you can take advantage of the many public gardens available for the garden specific activities.

How will I receive the journal?

Journals ordered online through our Web site will be shipped to you.

What do the sales of the journal support?

Sales of the journal support our mission (link to mission page) and also help to provide journals for students in the Global Gardens after school program. Thank you for giving back!

I have a home group/community group that would benefit from this, can I buy one and make copies?

The journal is a piece of intellectual property in the process of being copyrighted. It may not be copied except for individual personal use. Please help support our mission by purchasing as many journals as you need for your group. If you would like to talk about a discounted rate for buying 10 journals or more please contact us.

I have more questions, who should I contact?

Contact Global Gardens’ Community Outreach Coordinator, Faith Hailey at