Our Programs

During School Programs

 “I think these kids are starting to love science.”
– Ms. Swanson, Eugene Field Elementary.


  • Every class in the elementary schools where we work meet weekly with the Global Gardens educator to collaboratively plan, plant, harvest and maintain their own class garden based on a chosen theme.
  • Students experience hands-on science education and garden focused program solving, leading to social problem solving and student-led experiments using the scientific method.

  • Together students grow, harvest and prepare organic produce, increasing their knowledge of healthy foods and eating habits.
  • Currently we work in four elementary schools, Eugene Field Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, McAuliffe Elementary, and Unity Learning Academy.



100% of classroom teachers who completed year-end surveys reported that Global Gardens is promoting their students’ curiosity and learning motivation, and 96% indicated that we are helping their students learn to work together as a team.

“The teachers do an excellent job of integrating the garden into my classroom culture.” – Rosa Parks Elementary teacher

After School Programs

“We have Global Gardens to unite people. It gives the word ‘community’ more meaning.” – Tiger, student


  • The after school program is open to students third through sixth grade. Each group is made up of approximately 15 students who meet twice weekly, year-round for a garden based, student led program.
  • The program focuses on scientific inquiry and person reflection. Over the course of a year students earn, plan, plant and harvest their individual garden plots. Students learn skills and commit to peaceful problem solving and conflict resolution.

  • Program activities include goal setting, journal writing, art activities, community engagement and food preparation. Many of the program activities are available to the public by purchasing a Global Gardens Journal made especially for families. Learn more about the journal here.


Classroom teachers credit Global Gardens with improving social skills and positive interactions in 91% of students who needed improvement.

“Feeling a part of something important, Brianna has gained confidence in the classroom, as seen in her school work and relations with others. Global Gardens has brought her so far!” – Eugene Field Elementary classroom teacher.

Family Food Farms

“Participating in the Family Food Farm has made us all healthier. My kids ask if the food we are eating now is healthy! It has sparked many new important conversations to aid their food decisions.” – Misti


  • The garden is open to anyone in the community, free of charge.
  • Families are growing organic food and eating together regularly, which is increasing their familiarity of healthy foods and eating habits.

  • Gardeners work independently with their families, but also meet weekly as a community to work side by side, collaborate on projects, work in communal plots and develop the space.


100% of surveyed families stated that participation in the gardens has increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables, and 100% stated that the program has increased the amount of time they spend growing and cooking healthy food with their children.

“I love teaching my daughter the joys of growing her own food and watching her excitement as our garden grows.” – Emily