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Global Garden empowers low-income students and families through inquiry-based learning that takes place in the garden. Our holistic model teaches students about science, peace, health, and the environment, while challenging them to become caring, engaged community members. As our students plan and cultivate their gardens, they grow the confidence and skills to create positive changes in their lives and the world around them.


During school

Our during-school programs serve all students in grades PreK-5 weekly at our core elementary schools. The program supports curiosity, STEM learning, teamwork, and nutritional health. Each class works together to plan, plant, and tend its own garden, and has at least one seed-to-plate experience each year. The garden serves as the inspiration for class projects and experiments, where lessons align with OK science standards and our Garden Educators work with classroom teachers to enhance each school’s science curriculum.

Extended Learning

At our five core sites, we offer free before- or after-school programming for 40 students in grades 3-6. Participants spend 3-4 hours weekly in the program, which is focused on student-led inquiry and empowerment. Students earn and cultivate their own gardens while also engaging in discussion, journaling, self-reflection, cooking, creative activities, and community projects. Students set group expectations and, when conflicts arise, use a “peace table” to resolve them respectfully. 

Summer Camp

Global Gardens conducts weeklong camps in June and July, including free STEM camps offered in partnership with the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance. Campers explore the garden ecosystem, complete building projects and experiments, harvest food, cook together, and learn about STEM-related careers. The camp curriculum fosters students’ understanding of the science behind gardening, their relationship to the garden and food cycle, and the kinds of communities that are present in and created by the garden.

Family Food Farms

At three sites, Global Gardens operates free food farms for families and community members. Members meet weekly year-round to engage in organic gardening, cook healthy meals, spend peaceful family time, and build community. Each family receives its own garden plot, as well as seeds and starts, and families work together to cultivate shared plots. At each gathering, participants cook and share a plant-based meal featuring garden produce.

Global Gardens Alliance

Our Global Gardens Alliance program offers smaller-scale versions of our during-school and out-of-school-time programs, as well as consultation, training and resources, to schools and other partners seeking support in using the garden for learning and enrichment. Alliance member sites receive customized assistance and pay an annual fee that is priced by the hour.

Allied schools purchase a suite of services at the Blossom or Bud level. Blossom Allies have a dedicated Garden Educator who works directly with students. Bud Allies receive consultation, support, and modeling for classroom teachers, who take ownership of the garden as a learning tool. Partners at both levels receive access to professional development and teacher resources.

Alliance membership is open to any school in the Tulsa area, depending on capacity. We currently have six Allied sites, and we are planning for growth. Fundraising support and matching assistance may be available for qualifying schools. For more information about becoming an Alliance partner, please contact us below. 



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